We are grateful for each Flying Feather Farm Family that commits to the love, health, training and nurturing of our puppies in their new homes... your investment means a lot to us!!

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Flying Feather Farm takes puppy adoptions very seriously, placing the best fit puppy in it's new home is our job and privilege. Our little pups have gone to wonderful homes all the way to Colorado, New Jersey,  Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Georgia, Mississippi, New York, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Mexico and across Tennessee.  

Past puppy owners share words of encouragement, praise and support that can help your decision to find a Goldendoodle with us, please visit our Google Reviews and the testimonials below for their experiences with Flying Feather Farm.

Natalie Moore  recommends Flying Feather Farm  November 19, 2019 

We had the absolute best experience with Flying Feather Farm! I did extensive dog breeder research/interviews before picking a breeder because I knew how important the breeder is to the long term health of the dog. The Flying Feather family went above and beyond to answer my questions and send me updates on my puppy as he grew his first 8 weeks. Picking up my puppy was also an amazing day. Their facilities are gorgeous and they spent plenty of time talking to us and making sure we felt prepared. The relationship did not end there. The family followed up to check on Fitz and keep up with his photos on social media. I cannot recommend Flying Feather enough!!

Elizabeth Tate  recommends Flying Feather Farm September 11, 2019

Reed and Tammy are fantastic to work with. They are very responsive, accommodating, and helpful. It is clear that these puppies are loved from the start! The farm is beautiful and clean. The team at Flying Feather helped me find my perfect fit and I could not be happier with my mini goldendoodle. 12/10 recommend!

Chanda Jones  recommends Flying Feather Farm   September  3, 2019

I highly recommend Flying Feather Farm!! We were searching for a Goldendoodle to be a service dog for our daughter and after talking to Reed I knew I was making the right decision to go with them. He answered all my questions, helped us pick out the right puppy that would best fit our daughter and responded back to my phone calls quickly. Everyone on the farm absolutely loves and adores all the dogs and puppies and takes such good care of them. Everything was so nice and clean and very well organized. When we got to go and meet everyone and the puppy we were going to purchase they all made us feel very welcomed and never rushed us to hurry and pick one out.

Anne Marie Hand is at Flying Feather Farm September 4, 2019  

Our road trip this weekend took us South to Tennessee to a gorgeous farm with wonderful owners and a beautiful family of dogs. We were there to pick up the newest member of our family!
Thank you Tammy, Eric & Reed at Flying Feather Farm...it has been great working with you and I can only highly recommend if anyone is looking for a loving family, raising loved goldendoodle pups check out Flying Feather Farm in TN.❤️🐶❤️🐶

Laura Page  recommends Flying Feather Farm  December 14, 2019 

Tammy is very professional, organised, and thorough.  Flying Feather Farm is an outstanding facility.  It is super clean, well run and a lovely country manor for top-notch dogs.  If we were to get another Goldendoodle puppy we would absolutely go back to Tammy.  We are tempted to get another pup because we are completely smitten with our newest family member, Franklin.  We drove 14 hours to Flying Feather Farm to get him and we would do it again in a heartbeat.  He is a great dog and we love him to pieces.  Thanks, Tammy!

Lynne Stevenson recommends Flying Feather Farm Dec 15, 2020
I am so impressed with the home and training that Flying Feather Farm gives their puppies.  I have had several puppies before from other breeders but these come to us so much more calm and loving and ready to join our family.  

Amy Naroski recommends  Flying Feather Farm Dec 15, 2020
We feel so lucky that we found Flying Feather Farm. We took home Trace, our mini goldendoodle, in November. He has been a wonderful addition and now we are a family of 3 and couldn’t be happier. Tammy was great to work with throughout the whole process. She was always available to answer questions and also provided us with a lot of helpful tips and tricks for raising a puppy. The day we picked up our new puppy, we were able to see where all of the dogs have grown up and we met the parents as well. Tammy and Eric welcomed us into their home and made sure we were comfortable with everything before we took our little guy home back to Ohio. I would get another puppy from Flying Feather Farm any day and would recommend them to anyone looking for a happy and healthy new furry friend. 

Stefanie Burra recommends  Flying Feather Farm  Dec 29, 2020
My experience with Flying Feather Farm was wonderful from the very beginning. Tammy was so responsive and made herself available to answer all of my questions and I had a lot of them! She took the time to understand the puppy that would best match my lifestyle and worked with me as I flip flopped between the two litters. I put my trust in Tammy and she did not let me down! She picked little Miss Honey Bee for me and it was love at first sight. The trip to TN from NH was a long one but worth every hour spent in the car. Honey was an angel the entire ride home and has been an angel every day since. The work that Flying Feather did in the first 8 weeks is so evident in Honey's temperament. She is the most friendly dog to all humans and dogs she has met so far. She has no fear and I attribute this to the stress training that Flying Feather Farm did in those first 8 weeks of life. I am beyond in love with my Miss Honey and I can't imagine going to any other breeder. 

Thank you Tammy,

Lindsay R.  recommends  Flying Feather Farm  Jan 16, 2021
I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Flying Feather Farm. From the moment I inquired about their breeding process and considered getting a puppy to the moment I picked up my puppy, Norman, Tammy was calming, reassuring, and a joy to work with. She was able to meet all of my requests while balancing what puppy would be best for me to match my lifestyle.  They take great pride in what they do, and their facilities are top notch. Further, they are very professional and keep you updated every step of the way. Even since bringing Norman home a few months ago, Tammy has been accessible to answer any questions that I have—and has been very prompt in her response. The breeding program at Flying Feather Farm is top-notch, and I’d recommend them in a heartbeat!