We are grateful for each Flying Feather Farm Family that commits to the love, health, training and nurturing of our puppies in their new homes... your investment means a lot to us!!

Flying Feather Farm takes puppy adoptions very seriously, placing the best fit puppy in it's new home is our job and privilege. Our little pups have gone to wonderful homes all the way to Colorado, New Jersey,  Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Mississippi, New York, Indianna, Pennsylvania, Virgina, New Mexico and across Tennessee.  

Natalie Moore  recommends Flying Feather Farm  November 19, 2019 

We had the absolute best experience with Flying Feather Farm! I did extensive dog breeder research/interviews before picking a breeder because I knew how important the breeder is to the long term health of the dog. The Flying Feather family went above and beyond to answer my questions and send me updates on my puppy as he grew his first 8 weeks. Picking up my puppy was also an amazing day. Their facilities are gorgeous and they spent plenty of time talking to us and making sure we felt prepared. The relationship did not end there. The family followed up to check on Fitz and keep up with his photos on social media. I cannot recommend Flying Feather enough!!

Elizabeth Tate  recommends Flying Feather Farm  September 11, 2019 

Reed and Tammy are fantastic to work with. They are very responsive, accommodating, and helpful. It is clear that these puppies are loved from the start! The farm is beautiful and clean. The team at Flying Feather helped me find my perfect fit and I could not be happier with my mini goldendoodle. 12/10 recommend!

Chanda Jones  recommends Flying Feather Farm   September  3, 2019· 

I highly recommend Flying Feather Farm!! We were searching for a GoldenDoodle to be a service dog for our daughter and after talking to Reed I knew I was making the right decision to go with them. He answered all my questions, helped us pick out the right puppy that would best fit our daughter and responded back to my phone calls quickly. Everyone on the farm absolutely loves and adores all the dogs and puppies and takes such good care of them. Everything was so nice and clean and very well organized. When we got to go and meet everyone and the puppy we were going to purchase they all made us feel very welcomed and never rushed us to hurry and pick one out.

Anne Marie Hand is at Flying Feather Farm September 4, 2019 · Afton, TN · 

Our road trip this weekend took us South to Tennessee to a gorgeous farm with wonderful owners and a beautiful family of dogs. We were there to pick up the newest member of our family!
Thank you Tammy, Eric & Reed at Flying Feather Farm...it has been great working with you and I can only highly recommend if anyone is looking for a loving family, raising loved goldendoodle pups check out Flying Feather Farm in TN.❤️🐶❤️🐶

Bruce and Schaumann Wilsie  Google Review for Flying Feather Farm November 27, 2019

We have had six dogs from breeders over the years and this is by far the best experience of them all. From the first step to the last, we could not have been more pleased. Eric, Tammy and Reed are gracious and kind people and they are also very professional in their breeding operation. They were thorough and prompt with their responses to our inquiries. We visited Flying Feather Farm a month prior to picking up our puppy and were impressed with the facility. Last but certainly not least is the puppy herself. We named her Afton (the nearest town to Flying Feather). Afton is everything that one could want in a puppy. She is a beautiful miniature Goldendoodle and is smart, affectionate, playful and loves everyone she meets. Our past three dogs have been Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Schaumann keeps saying “I didn’t know they made dogs like this”. We prayed for several months prior to making the decision to adopt a Goldendoodle and then we prayed about finding a breeder who shared our values. We know that God showed us the way to Flying Feather Farm and at this time of giving thanks, we are especially grateful for our little Afton. Thank you Eric, Tammy and Reed for your role in making this possible and Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. 

Sherri Lea  Google Review for Flying Feather Farm December 2, 2019

My experience with the Flying Feather Farm was awesome. From the time I first inquired about getting a puppy, all the way through to after I brought him home. Eric, Tammy and Reed were very informative, professional and kind. They were always very prompt in responding to my questions, and kept me updated with texts, pictures and videos of the puppies all along the way. Their facilities are top notch. Very clean and comfortable for the dogs. I was able to visit the facility to see the puppies, and it's very obvious they really care about the dogs and go out of their way to give them the best quality of  life possible. I prayed for months about getting a puppy and finding the right breeder. After looking at many different breeders in this region, I found The Flying Feather Farm which was at the time was one of only two GANA recommended breeders in Tennessee. I knew immediately this was the place for me to get my new puppy, and I was not disappointed!!!! This is my first miniature Goldendoodle and he's a great dog. He is healthy, happy, playful and very smart. For anyone looking for a Goldendoodle or miniature Goldendoodle I highly recommend the The Flying Feather Farm. Thank you Eric, Tammy and Reed for an awesome experience and an amazing puppy.

Laura Page  recommends Flying Feather Farm  December 14, 2019 

Tammy is very professional, organised, and thorough.  Flying Feather Farm is an outstanding facility.  It is super clean, well run and a lovely country manor for top-notch dogs.  If we were to get another Goldendoodle puppy we would absolutely go back to Tammy.  We are tempted to get another pup because we are completely smitten with our newest family member, Franklin.  We drove 14 hours to Flying Feather Farm to get him and we would do it again in a heartbeat.  He is a great dog and we love him to pieces.  Thanks, Tammy!

Teresa B.  Google Review for Flying Feather Farm  December 8, 2019
We could not be happier with our experience with Flying Feather Farm. Tammy and her family were extremely communicative throughout the entire adoption process and ensured their puppy was going to a good home. We had the opportunity to tour their farm when we went to pick up our puppy (Maggie) and you can tell a lot of thought and care had been put into the breeding process and the wellbeing of their puppies and adult dogs. Maggie is such a sweet dog and we are so happy we found Flying Feather Farm. They are a wonderful family who truly care about every one of their puppies. You could not find a better breeder!

Katy Barker  Google Review for Flying Feather Farm December 11, 2019

We are so thankful for the Flying Feather Farm family. As we were ready to welcome our first dog to our family we were very fortunate God led us to these sweet people. Their love of dogs and how they care for them shows through their facility, attention, and overall interaction with the pups and their moms. It was so fun getting to go through this experience with them and learn what's best for our dog. We appreciated the communication and the visits we were able to make. They helped guide us through this process from beginning to end. I could not have asked for a better experience. Our sweet Oakie is a joy and we are thankful to have formed a friendship with this family.

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