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Spay & Neuter Agreement

 (1) BUYER agrees to neuter/spay your adopted Goldendoodle before the puppy's first birthday.  Our recommendation for males is at one year, females puppies between 6 and 7 months old.


(2) BUYER agrees to provide SELLER with a certificate of alteration signed by a licensed veterinarian when the procedure has been completed.


(3) If  BUYER fails for any reason to spay/neuter the above Goldendoodle on or before the date listed and/or provide the SELLER a certificate of alteration, the BUYER agrees to pay for any and all fees, including but not limited to, legal fees, court costs, depositions, telephone bills, veterinary expenses, etc., incurred by the SELLER and it's agents to enforce this contract. Such failure will also invalidate the Health Warranty provided by Flying Feather Farm Inc.  If failure of alteration results in puppies by either the sire or dam, BUYER could be fined up to $20,000 for irresponsible, unethical breeding practices.


(4) If  BUYER’S Veterinarian provides SELLER with a written concern for delaying alteration beyond one year old, an extension will be considered without interruption of the Health Warranty.  Alteration then must be completed upon agreed date, without exception.

I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions listed in this contract.

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