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Adoption Process

So, you’re ready for a Flying Feather Farm Goldendoodle…here’s what to do.

1). Contact us with any questions by phone, email or our Contact web page.

2). Submit your application. You will then be contacted within 24 hours after we review your puppy application, with further information exchanged.  After your  application has been approved, we require a $300.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your reservation, which will be applied to purchase price of  $3500 for your puppy.  We accept check,  money order, or PayPal, we do not accept credit cards for the Puppy Application Fee.  Since your application fee is non-refundable, we recommend that you do not send in an application if you are not committed to waiting for a Flying Feather Farm puppy.

baby prim v2.png

3).  Once the puppies are born, you'll receive an email with the details of the litter size, genders, and estimated pick-up date.  To hold your reservation, half of the total price of your puppy, is due to move forward with your reservation.  If you do not respond to this email with your payment,  your non-refundable $300 deposit will be transferred to a future litter up to one year, if needed.  Again, a personal check, money order or PayPal (plus 3%) is accepted for the payment.  Flying Feather Farm will send out our Health Warranty-Purchase Contract  and Spay/Neuter Agreement for your review.  This paperwork will be e-signed when your final payment is due (5 weeks).

4). At about 6 weeks, we will schedule a FaceTime session where puppy selection will be made.  Puppy selection is based upon temperament/personality of the puppy, what your family will be sharing with your puppy, your family's dynamics and "Wish List".   Along the adoption process, our conversations will also help give insight in selecting the best fit puppy for you and the best home for the puppy.  

5). Final payment must be received by the puppy's 5th week mark, see below for payment options:
PayPal:  $2155 ($1750 plus 3% charge for this option with TN State tax of $342)
Money Order:  $2092.00 ($1750 plus TN State tax of $342)
Cash:  $2092.00 ($1750 plus TN State tax of $342)

6). Pick-up your puppy at 8 weeks, families must visit our farm to pick up the puppy, unless prior arrangements have been made. We charge $25 a day, for all puppies not picked up at 8 weeks of age. All of our puppies are introduced to their travel crate as early as 6 weeks of age to prepare for the journey home.


Delivery Options:
Delivery charges are not included in the cost of our puppies.  Unfortunately, we are unable to provide replacements for refunds on pups that are harmed or become ill during shipping.

1). Escort your puppy as a “carry on” home safely with you in the airplane cabin. Here’s how it works: You fly into one of  the area airports such as;  Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport (Knoxville, TN) , Tri-Cities Airport (Blountville, TN) or  Charlotte Douglas International Airport (Charlotte, NC), rent a vehicle and drive to the farm, pick your puppy up and fly back home with puppy asleep under your seat in a carry-on puppy bag.  Not all airlines allow puppies in the cabin so please consult Flying Feather Farm before booking your flight to assure you meet all shipping requirements, obtain a carry-on puppy crate and to determine the best day & time for your flight.

2). Use door to door delivery service with Kellett Family Pet Transport, (864)385-5248.  Cody joined our team in 2022 delivering our puppies, his emphasis on safety, communication, reliability, convenience and pricing are excellent!!  He offers VIP Ground Nanny Services with customized transportation to meet your needs of convenience and safety for you and your puppy.  Cody will pick up your puppy from our farm and deliver to your home or a predetermined destination for a reasonable fee that gives us both a rare service that no other transport service offers in the area, see Cody's Facebook page HERE, we give Cody and his service a 5-STAR rating:

  • No cargo holds or vans

  • Direct, Same Day, Door to Door Transport

  • Single family delivery for maximum protection (no other puppies outside of FFF family)

  • Fully sanitized (pressurized steam) environment

  • Direct line of sight from driver to puppy at all times

  • Vehicle accommodations that feature a safe smooth terrain suspension 

  • Frequent breaks (as often as needed)

  • Play time

  • Constant contact with FFF and new puppy owner (including pictures at pick-up and along the route)

  • GPS monitoring, for progress of delivery for breeder

  • All reasonable requests and customization of delivery will be made

  • USDA Registered

  • $1,000,000.00 Liability Policy

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