Temperament Testing

Think of temperament testing as a crystal ball to your pup's personality.  Is he shy, active, docile, aggressive, spirited, fearful, dominant, or just a good easygoing kind of  girl?  At Flying Feather Farm,  it's an important part of our breeding program to identify and place the best fit pup to welcoming homes.  By applying the steps of temperament testing we can determine our pup's personality and serve our future puppy owner's with a dog that will thrive best under their care.  It is important that you are 100% comfortable with our process before you move forward with us as breeders.

The ideal age to test the puppy is at 49 days (7 weeks) of age, when the puppy is neurologically complete and it has the brain of an adult dog.  With each passing day after the 49th day, the test results will be tainted by prior learning.  This is why at 7 weeks it is prime time to perform temperament testing, because the puppy is considered a clean slate.  Testing beyond 7 weeks will yield completely different and much less accurate results.

This explains why puppies will act shy and unsure of things when they are 6 weeks old and be the most confident puppy in the litter at 7 weeks, or vice versa.  We simply cannot observe puppies when they are underage to know what kind of personality each puppy will have.  Having a family come to the farm to choose a puppy at 6 weeks old, isn't a good idea.  The behaviors are not predictable just by spending lots of time around the puppy, therefore a family can't be expected to make a wise choice.

So, it's great having a tool to make sure placements are done right,  a Volhard tester will come to our farm to perform the testing, that's ideal for our breeding program.  The puppies will be evaluated by our tester, someone they have not met and can be objective to the results.  Each test is scored, there are no failed tests, it simply gives us insight that allows us to make sure the puppies are going to homes where they will be most compatible.

Families are asked to respond to our 'Questionnaire' when pups are nearing 6 weeks, these questions will give us insight to your family's dynamics.  You will be contacted by phone for specific questions and answers that will help us make sure each family gets the best possible choice puppy.  We hope that each family will be fully open on all physical traits and gender, so that we don't have any obstacles in our way when deciding which puppy will be the best match.  There are plenty of breeders who don't care about how you feel about your dog after you take it home or even how well the dog is doing a year from now.  Flying Feather Farm cares ... we want the best for your family and the puppies too.  We ask families to trust us and this customized selection process.  This testing has been successful for many years and many respected breeders are doing their selection process in this manner.





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