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Our Story

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This is a glimpse of the Puppy Palace, our two year building project, which provides a puppy suite, grooming quarters, adult dog lounging area, studio and outdoor protection for the pups and adults dogs. All of this started with our first dog, Cubby in 2001, and is now a reality of raising and breeding our family dogs. From our home to yours with happy, healthy companions.

Flying Feather Farm was established in 2002, when we moved to Tennessee from New Jersey.  Our farm is centered in the middle of 52 acres of pasture and woods.  What a place to raise a family, lots of game birds and dogs!

We are Christ-followers, enjoying this life, loving others and taking care of  all that the Lord has entrusted us with.  Years of  being self employed,  homeschooling, working on projects together, planning and praying through life events has prepared our family to take on this fun, rewarding venture of  breeding our beloved dogs.

Eric sold our financial/investment business after 32 years, trading in his calculator for a shovel and a pocket of treats to manage the day-to-day operations of the dogs.  Eric is also the "Doggie Chef" providing a raw/fresh diet daily for our crew. Tammy is a Registered Nurse, now with her stethoscope on puppies, working full-time in puppy care, handling client relations and all breeding activities .  Laurel graduated from college as a Cardiac Sonographer after her home-school years, now working full-time in her field of training.  She and Aaron recently married, lending a hand with building maintenance, grooming,  and loving on our dogs with each visit to the farm.  Reed, also a home-school graduate, recently moved to Maryland to pursue a career in Real Estate.  Reed created the web-site,  maintains and updates media feeds. 

Our puppies are born in our home and raised on our  farm, being socialized to people and other animals.  They are loved on, handled, stimulated, familiarized to household/farm sounds, smells and environmental textures using the Puppy Culture techniques.   All pups are introduced to crate and litter training by the time they leave the farm. 

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"  Joshua 24:15

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