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Guardianship Program

We pride ourselves in being an IN-HOME breeding program. This means that we do not keep any of our dogs in kennels or outdoor enclosures. We want an equally great life for all our dogs (breeding and pet dogs) so we have decided to introduce our Guardian Program. This program enables every dog to get the individual attention, love, and care they deserve and allows Flying Feather Farm to continue producing beautiful unrelated litters from these dogs. Although we would like to have several dogs in our home (more dogs to cuddle!), we feel its best for our family and dogs to find amazing homes outside our household to receive individualized love and bond with a special family.

Flying Feather Farm is financially responsible for every guardian dogs breeding related health testing (OFA & Genetic Disease), all reproductive costs and sterilization after the dog is retired. The Guardian Home would be responsible for any incidental (accident related) circumstances, vet bills due to common colds/sickness and also the day to day costs. Day to day costs include; food, grooming, flea and worm treatment, obedience training, and vaccinations. Once Flying Feather Farm retires and sterilizes the particular breeding dog, the ownership would be transferred to the Guardian's name and all responsibilities for the dog would be the new owners. Should it occur, compensation for death of the dog would be required from the guardian if guardian is found to be at fault or negligent.


To qualify for the Guardian Home Program you must:

1.   Live within a 2-3 hour radius of Greene County, Tennessee.

2.   Be willing and able to transport the dog to Afton ( currently about 4-6 times a year). We will give ample time to prepare for this transportation.

3.   Be willing and able to transport the dog to and from a reproductive vet closest to your area for the collection of semen for AI services. We will give ample time to prepare for this transportation.

4.   You must not have an intact dog (male or female) in your home or property. Also, you must not visit with intact dogs while the guardian female is in heat or visiting inact dog is in heat to avoid unauthorized breeding.

5.   Understand that the dog is a breeding dog owned by Flying Feather Farm and CANNOT breed with any other dogs outside of those approved by Flying Feather Farm and in the presence of the Flying Feather Farm Inc owners. 

6.   You must fill out an application for the program under the "Guardian Dog Program" application. Available upon request.

7.   You must read and understand the specifications of the Flying Feather Farm contract for the Guardian Dog Program.

8.   You must agree, sign and uphold the Guardian Dog Program contract the entirety of the dogs breeding career and/or contract. 

9.   You must agree that any clauses broken by the Guardian in the Guardian Dog Program contract can result in legal action and fines. 




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