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 Puppies Have Arrived:

February 13th, 2023 Birth/April 10th, 2023 Take Home
Cedar & Finn, standard (approx. 50-60lbs) F1, red

March 2nd 2023 Birth/April 27th 2023 Take Home

Willow & Knox, mini/med (approx. 30-40lbs) English F1, white-caramel 

 Puppies To Arrive Soon:

Mid-April 2023 Birth/Mid-June 2023 Take Home

Clover & Knox, mini (approx. 20-30lbs) MG, cream-red

Welcome to the Goldendoodle Association of North America's first

Blue Ribbon Breeder in Tennessee

“Flying Feather Farm is rooted in faith, family, friendships and furry companions that are happy and healthy."

Health Warranty

“We strive to only breed the healthiest dogs, and in turn, have the confidence to offer a 2 year extended Health Warranty."

Puppy Gallery
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